• Do you have limited time in advertising your available position?
  • Struggle to find the right candidate and can't afford Recruitment fees?

. . . then we might have the solution for you!!

Submit your available position to us and let we handle the advertising!

This option not only saves you time and money, but also gives you the opportunity to expose your JobSpec accross different advertising platforms, as used by the majority of recruitment agencies, at less than half the price!

What we offer you:-

  1. Taking down a Full Job description of the available position;
  2. Search through our Database (updated daily);
  3. Search over 320000 CV's from different job boards;
  4. We place your Job advert by using different advertising platforms to ensure maximum exposure, e.g. Online advertising; Print Media; Job Forums;  Networking, etc.;
  5. We receive and screen through all applications and responses;
  6. We eliminate irrelevant CV's;
  7. We submit you the most applicable/relevant CV's*.

So in only 7 easy Steps we can assist you in finding suitable Candidates for your position!

Lowest pricing per position guaranteed  -  No Recruitment fees!  -  just an admin fee!

 Very popular!!!  (More than 45% Saving!)

  All applicants are contacted by us first, prior to forwarding their CV's to the Client.  This serves as a good Code of Practice from us, respecting the Applicant's privacy and at the same time informing them of the position(s) available.

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